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New TRINAGLE_STRIP mesh optimizer, works very quickly. Mesh of 90000 polygones loaded from 3ds file and optimized in 1,7 seconds on 1GHz processor. Also there is new GLApp for linux and windows, it doesn't require additional libraries.

Date:16.12.2004 13:21
Message:I tried the program and found out that Mesh::render() works 6(!) times faster than TriangleStrip::render().
The 3DS model I have used was tie fighter from StarWars (23282 vertices, 39177 faces).
ASUS Radeon 9550
Mesh::render() 640x480 - 129 fps
TriangleStrip::render() 640x480 - 26 fps
I wonder why did I get such strange results?

Date:16.12.2004 15:13
Message:I don't use degenerate triangles to join triangle strips, maybe length of strips are small therefore glDrawElements are called many times. Try to add degenerate triangles into final array of indices. repeat last indices of last strip one time and jump to a new strip, repeat first indices of strip one or two times (it depend on strip length). As a result we will have a glDrawElements per model.

Date:06.06.2005 17:00
Message:Hello, i had compiled the program both on Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual C++ 7.0, and got lots of errors....

should i add another additional libraries ?

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