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Lights rendering using scene information from texture. We will create 128-bit texture, write coordinate of point in rgb, normal of point in alpha component. Further write diffuse and specular colors in ordinary 32 bit textures. Therefore we are able to illuminate all visible scene by pair of polygons and pixel shader. We automatically cut off all of non-illuminated and non-visible polygons. Pixel shader load rate in case of ppl lights remains approximately equal. FPS now only depends on number of lightened pixels of screen, and doesn't depend on amount of polygons per frame. All of this seems to be remarkable... But in practice there is a noticeable speed reduction in case of numerous lights. There is also an open question about shadows. This demo utilizes illumination method which was mentioned above. Here you can find 32k of triangles, 16 ppl point lights and tuneable depth of field. GeForceFX is required.

Date:07.06.2005 21:05
Message:Thanks for the sample. First I can't compile but after spending a week, I finally compile it and it looks great!

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