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Rendering of lengthy sources of light via vertex and pixel ARB shaders. It's possible to imitate neon lamps emission using this effect. There is also a new technique of volumetric lines rendering without utilization of sprites.

Date:11.09.2004 00:00
Message:Lengthy sources are very easy avaible without pixel shader (on GF4). Simply for diffuse find closest point to each vertex (vertex shader) on the light source line and do normal point light (attenuation = dot (vertex_pos) in fragment shader, and in vertex shader vertex_pos = IN.Position / Attenuation). For specular it is a little harder... We must find a closest point on two lines - one is light, and the second is a reflected by normal eye-to-vertex line, so vertex+reflect(eye-vertex, normal) and do normal point specular (with that found point on light). For specular it is long shader (100 instr.) but it looks good.

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