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Release of Engine_v0.2 is ready. Unfortunatelly I was unable to test it on ATI, so there could be some problems :( There are many new features: correct physics with joints and ragdoll, easy interpreter for configs with for/if/else, ARBtec1.0 "shaders" (ARB_texture_env_combine+dot3 parser), work on all cards beginning from GeForce2, post screen processing, playback ogg, mp3 and wav files via OpenAL, mesh export plugin for Maya, and may be something I forgotten :) Great speedup, big bugfix.
If you have some problems with running of the Engine_v0.2, you could see it's work here (17Mb). Some screenshots: 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08.

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Date:18.09.2004 07:06
Message:GForce 6800, only 1 poly rendered :(

Date:24.11.2004 23:58
Message:I spend few good hours to resolve all missing libraries and dependencies and no success.
I even installed AL to ge the sound compiled, then vobis.h.
Ok I commneted out sound stuff then I hit the textures stuff
and finally I give up couse png.h and jpg.h were missing and
I cannot figure out where thay belong (or what do I need).
Ohterwise the code looks good. To bad I cannot run it.

Date:24.01.2005 09:00
Message:Wonderfull! Keep the good work!

Date:10.02.2005 15:44
Message:Great job!! I compiled it on amd64 machine and my GeForce 6600GT handles it at 140-190 FPS (Gentoo Linux, 2.6.9 kernel)! Nice work, keep it up.

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