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  • 21.08.2004 It works on Ati cards !!! Thanks to Tuan Kuranes again ;))
  • 12.08.2004 Thanks to Sascha Willems for the changing of GLSL shaders for ATI cards, now it's compiling normally, but the demo still doesn't work. As for me, ATI debuging is similar to controling of the Mars rover :))
  • 11.08.2004 Win32 version of GLApp was updated, there will be no endless error windows, all error messages will be logged into stderr.txt

    Two optimizations for stencil shadows and lighting, which make possible to increase FPS 2-3 times without any new extensions :) Before I couldn't believe GeForceFX 5800 being able to render 9 ligths with shadows at the speed of 40-60 FPS... But now I can :) The first optimization is the extrusion of shadow volumes to the length equal to the radius of light source, it allows to increase FPS from 27 up to 40. With it there is no need for GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test extension anymore. The second one is a clipping of triangles, which is placed on distance greater than light source radius, via simple vertex shader. The shader moves these triangles to the infinity and sets their size to zero, so they are always invisible. I haven't seen this technique before, althought it increases FPS more than twice. There is also GLSL support and greatly updated base files. Theoretically there should be no problems with ATI cards...
    PS: All these optimizations will be included in Engine_v0.3 (this demo was just another successful experiment :))

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    Date:19.09.2004 13:26
    Message:From your code I figured out that you're not making z-fail shadows. You check for intersections with all triangles per light per frame. I think it is terribly slow, is it not? For larger scenes (more than 10000 tris) it would be veery slow.
    Btw. I think that you should make comments for your code because your math and other fuctions are completely not understandable. Maybe if I think about them for an hour I would understand, but you should make comments.

    Date:20.09.2004 19:50
    Message:Why you people keep using this stupid libs like zlib, png something and so on? Couldn't you just join them to your project? I spent an hour to make it work and guess what? It is impossible. This libs that you pointer on page are (some files) corrupted, and newest versions doesn't work at all.
    Please! Make your projects just to one-click-compile!

    Date:30.10.2004 15:05
    Message:На Radeon 9800pro тоже глюки, похоже, что иногда в бесконечность
    уходят лишние точки, при включении опции without clipping, это
    И второе, видно, что куда-то "улетают" текстурные координаты, надо
    посмотреть что передаётся в s_attribute_4.

    Date:26.02.2005 17:30
    Message:На радеоне9600хт тени какие-то неправильные - как-будто бы инвертированые (тоесть, там где должна быть тень - светло, а по краям - темно, правда недалеко), хотя ппл работает нормально, и вообще во всех твоих демах у меня на всех дровах случается какое-то мельтешение черных полигонов и квадратиков. Больше в никаких играх это не наблюдалось. Возможно проблема с z-буфером, хотя я не берусь точно указывать.

    З.Ы. Все равно твои демы - "ацки ацкая весчь" (С)Шпиль

    Date:19.05.2005 22:51
    Message:все красиво и работает чертовски быстро, но на моём Radeon X700 тени глючат безбожно.

    Date:28.05.2005 14:29
    Message:C новыми драйверами глюки исчезают(кроме проблем инвертирования теней)

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