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  • 18.10.2004 hotfix to GLSHell v0.12b
  • 18.10.2004 GLSHell v0.12. A heap of new features: Interpretator has arrays of built-in types, variable scopes are processed correctly, added ARBvp1.0 programs support, added ATI_texture_float extension (works only on nVidia cards ;), added new classes: Gui , Particles, Spline.
  • 14.10.2004 glMultMatrixf function has been added. Thanks to Alexander Lashenko for the Windows 2000 interpreter fix.

    Engine_v0.3 (which is coming soon, but whether it be open or closed source is the question) has it's own C interpreter for a long time. Interpreter turned out to be amenable and convenient for external objects integration. What it can't to do: structures (and it isn't planned), arrays (very likely to appear). Vectors, matrixes and strings are the standart data types. External variables, functions and classes could be easily added into the interpreter. Based on this, I wrote GLSHell interpreter, which has built-in basic OpenGL functions, GLApp access and PBuffer, Mesh, Texture, Shader classes. As a result one could create simple demos without using a compiler, so it's very convenient. I'll write more detailed documentation concerned abilities and usage of interpreter, if I have time.

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    Date:19.10.2004 00:52
    Message:и ещё можно workspace и для msvc6 делать:)
    и эмулятор непашет :))

    From:Diaa Sami
    Date:20.10.2004 21:31
    Message:really a great app, I was going to learn Lua or Ch just to avoid the long compile-link-debug, but here GLSHell comes!

    Date:02.11.2004 10:01
    Message:Привет. Если можно научи свои пбуфера работать напрямую с текстурами. Особенно желательно с кабмапами

    Date:25.11.2004 18:39
    Message:OpenSource, please!! Or 2 versions - GPL & commercial :))

    Date:08.12.2004 04:08
    Message:this is way to awesome to make it closed source. Extremely impressive!

    Date:01.03.2005 19:39
    Message:How I can pass arguments to a script call ?
    How I can return from script a different variable than integer?.
    Ok I figure it out for a string, and generic types
    ::strcpy(rv,(const char*)*return_value);
    But there i no way passin in arguments
    Func f;
    _i.Run(s, "scr_foo", "string from c++", &f);
    ^ what to pass here
    couse I I pass 2 more args to Run()
    int Run(char* rv, const char *name, const char *args = 0,Func *function = 0) {...}
    and script function is:
    string scr_foo(string s)
    return "aaa"+s;

    Date:02.03.2005 18:36
    Message:1 milion calls to an empty script function was about ~10 seconds
    while to a Lua Function was ~4 seconds.
    1 Million Calls to a C function gimme 47 msec.
    Tested on P4 2.4Mhz, Win 2K, compiled with MVC6.0
    non optimized code.

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