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  • 31.12.04 Yesterday I've finished in the rough all of the render's functions, which were planned in Engine_v0.3. Right now only optimization should be done and render will be completed. New features were added: 2D and Cubemap mirrors (either static and dynamic), scene refraction throught transparent objects and particle systems. Because of incorrect scene scale the gravitation is equal to g=4-5, I've forgotten to increase it again :). Physics with g=40-50 (it's like a Jupiter, huh) works correctly. You can see new render in this movie (640x480, 14 Mb).
    Happy New Year for all! Let it be better and more creative than 2004 ! :)

    All of the good of Engine_v0.2 is here, other things are rewritten >:) Rewrite process tooks 5 months and there is some incomplete stuff still. Session in the University comes closer, I have less free time in the end of the year. Unfortunately I have no time for new demos. Release of 0.3 version postponed till next month or two. Right now the Engine is in the working condition (68kb of shaders, 970kb of cpp|h files, 56kb of scripts). You can download demos of beta-version here (640x480 39Mb) and here (320x240 15Mb, VERY low quality). 3 test scenes (graphics is at the "Cubes vs Spheres" level) contain: indoor/outdoor scenes; hardware stencil and depth shadows; point, cubemap modulated and directional lights; systems of particles; flares; HDR; physics and 2 fortuitous bugs :). Other features of the Engine, which are absent in demos: 3D sound, hardware skinning. There are no downloadable sources because it's a raw beta >:) All of test scenes and the Engine itself are controlled by scripts like that.

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    Date:08.02.2005 14:15

    I hope very much that you will make your source code of the upcomming engine version free!! I would like to study it deeply! :)


    Date:13.02.2005 21:05
    Message:Me too, I hope sources will be GPLed. I am kinda new to OpenGL 1.5 (got new GeForce, playing with extensions) and I have *never* seen such a GPLed masterpiece. I would like to see 2 licences GPL and commercial for commercial things. Will there be some difference between GPL and commercial version (I mean code or feature difference)?

    From:Steve Broumley
    Date:15.02.2005 11:54
    Hi, I've downloaded your engine v2 (excellent BTW) and I was wondering if you could explain the math behind your mesh V mesh collision.
    I'm trying to do a similar thing within a physics engine and I want to understand the math behind convex object V polygon soup collision.

    I've traced through your code to the level of tri V tri collision, after that it's hard for me to follow what you are doing.

    I would very much appreciate any explanation you can give me on your method!

    Thanks so much!,
    Steve Broumley.

    Date:02.03.2005 12:08
    Message:When will You release engine v3? Soon?

    From:Earl Vlad XIII (vladislav_13#mail.ru)
    Date:21.04.2005 06:57
    Message:Мдя... Впечатлился... Так держать !!!

    Кстати, очень жаль, что нет форума (или я его не заметил находясь под впечатлением от движка ??? :() ) он бы пригодился бы очень и очень даже.

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