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Realtime soft shadows of 4 sources of light. It kills previous generation cards but works good at new ones, FPS is about >50 :) It looks real awesome :) Shadowing basis is old lightmaps but calculations and smoothing are made by GPU. It's a simple render into lightmap space, bluring takes place there also. Then a ready light map is used. Each light map component corresponds one source of light. Thus the 4 sources bluring costs nothing. Owners of ATI cards could download a little video (4 Mb), because this demo doesn't work with ATI, though it have to ;)

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Date:26.03.2005 23:47
Message: У меня самого радеон9600 XT и более чем с уверенностью могу сказать что очень большая проблема в этом в драйверах. Уж СЛИШКОМ сильно они глючат!!!
А демки все просто супер (ну или хотя бы те которыя я смог просмотреть), жаль что давно ничего нового не выходило.

From:Zhiqiang Du
Date:22.04.2005 04:25
Message:This is a perfect and useful example for me. I don't understand the mechanism of invoking multiple shaders because I am a newer in this field. I notice there are four or five shaders in your application, and my question is :
how to invoke multiple shaders in an application? for example, I have writen a light shader and a wood shader, but I can not get a overlay effect after rendering. Only one effect can I get, either light or wood.
one shader can act on a kind of objects included in a scene. Is that right?

My email: zhiqiang.du@163.com

pls help me!

Date:19.05.2005 22:41
Message:планируете лы вы использовать в своих демках или в uningene технологигию deferred shading?

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