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Never trust programmers about deadline of a project ;) 6 month gone and 1Mb of code was written... Planned functionality of Engine_v0.3 was overfulfilled and there will be a lot of features in future ;) But Engine is no longer an open source project. All information about it could be found at official Unigine site.
Frustum.org will live and nothing terrible will happen ;). In a month it will be moved to a new hosting, so there could be short-term connectivity problems.

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Date:15.05.2005 01:16
Message:А новые демки будут???
New demos?

Date:15.05.2005 11:54
Message:А новые демки будут???
New demos?

Date:16.05.2005 19:42
Message:будут :)

Date:16.05.2005 21:10
Message:NP, the pleasure was all mine. And keep up the good work. The unigine engine could realy use Spherical Harmonics lighting and better marketing. Also I hope that the engine is very modular with ~fair~ interfaces between the modules (just in case you want to move to ps3 and xbox2 it would be a good idea to have everything modular so you could transfer the processing of one module to an other processor). I mean look at the reality engine. There is nothing made on it (AAA games) except the demos (quite nice) and they've been bought by epic ( a lot of money to the owner of the company pocket) just because Unreal is shit. They(epic) want the guy to design the engine structure for the next gen because epic is been pushed by microsoft to do so. Unreal 3 is Unreal 2 with only a diff renderer (same structure and not ready for next gen). Also the dude from Reality Engine had big balls just because he made a list of missing features in the other well know engines .. features that offcourse he had ;) (http://www.artificialstudios.com/products.php, http://www.artificialstudios.com/compare.php). The way I see it you are on the right road. I truly hope that you are in charge of the company dirrection and not some marketing bullshiting asshole, otherwise you are gone be in big problem when you hit the jack pot (and I truly hope you do). Keep it real.

Date:24.05.2005 13:39
Message:I'm sad too.
This engine was a good tutorial for everyone - but I know you have worked a lot on making it.
What about the future examples?
You won't able to make opensource them using your new engine...

I cant't count the number of the disappeared open sourced engines.

Have a good luck!

Date:30.06.2005 18:54
Message:Release candidate of Unigine v0.32 is available for testing. Main changes since v0.3 are new fast script interpterer, minor bugfixes and set of new tools, including MeshViever, NormalMapper and various plugins. You can download Windows and Linux versions of the demo (content is almost the same as in v0.3).

Date:13.07.2005 21:43
Message:Unigine v0.32 is released:

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