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Simple technodemo: per-pixel subsurface scattering of light. Diffuse light component is rendered into lightmap space. Further passed and scattered light is calculated on the base of 3D lockup texture (128x128x256). Calculation is not exactly correct from the physical point of view, because it's a simple exponent approximation ;) Scene is rendered using ready light map. The demo actively uses dynamic branching so it requires GeForce 6 :) Without subsurface scattering it looks very ugly ;) Also you can download a little video (2.1Mb).

Date:21.05.2005 00:36
Message:Looks ugly both with ss on and off on geforce6600. No details, only broken lighting.

Driver 76.91

Which driver do you use?

Date:21.05.2005 08:16
Message:Windows 71.89 (gf6600) ok
Linux 71.74 (gf6800gt) ok
Pls install a stable driver :)

Date:23.05.2005 10:14
Message:It is stable :p

Date:23.05.2005 14:08
Message:According to http://nvidia.com it's not.

Date:12.06.2005 17:56
Message:No drivers are "really" stable. They all have bugs somewhere.

Anyway, the demo works fine with the 77.30 drivers.

Date:11.07.2005 14:23
Message:Can you describe the depends, scattering and extrude pass? Is there a paper describing your method?

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