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Many thanks to ATI and Matthew Tippett in person for granted RADEON X800 XL. The card was packed in medium-sized upscale case with a set of various cables (including HDTV). 400/1000 MHz speed and 16 pixel pipelines provide excellent shader performance. Better quality and speed of OpenGL operations and Linux drivers make me glad :).

Having some experience of communication with UPS, I thought that the delivery should go on as usual (2-3 weeks). But russian representative office of FedEx surprised me a lot. As usual, the card arrived in Moscow in two days. After that it was delivering for 50 (fifty!) days crawling with enormous delays. Association with russian FedEx gives the impression that they are bored to death with delivering something. You could try to phone them for a week without a success (nobody is answering all day long). As a result you could get to know that: "the officer is on leave and I know nothing about your cargo..." At that I had to pay $180 for customs clearance and papers. Anyway I was happy that the card was delivered at least not for a year.

Date:08.09.2005 18:38
Message:а сколько она в рознице стоит?

Date:11.09.2005 09:22
Message:Russia (at least speaking of regions) sucks ass, man. For real. Not long ago I have been to there too (hopefully, for the last damn time)... The "quality of service" is just suicidal :), you know what i mean.

P.S. originally i'm Russian too...

Date:13.09.2005 11:13
Message::) ... WoW ... Best VGA for The Big Man.

Date:03.10.2005 07:05
Message:Bu-Ga-Ga! Sandro, DHL rulezz indeed!

Date:25.10.2005 11:59
Message:Эти зас...цы сказали что доставка 4(четыре) дня !!!! ВОТ ТАК НАДО уметь врать !!!! учитесь. и еще у них web-страничка РУССКАЯ на Eнглийском языке - явное неуважение к клиентам,да и по ценам они ничего сказать немогут...так что FedEx - компания которая только ПОНТОВАТЬ умеет "FedEx is one of the world's great success stories".

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