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You should have OpenGL-compliant videocard in order to correct work of this programs
Required libraries

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1030 x 804 Dynamic shadows from the terrain elevations could be made with the use of horizon textures. There is an huge infinite terrain in this demo (~100000 triangles per frame) with dynamic shadows (it could be turned off ), light scattering effect and brightness/contrast regulation.
Terrain.tar.gz 850.6 Kb | 347915 downloads | 3 feedback messages
1030 x 804 I'm finally tired of the .3ds format because of impossibility of saving more than 65536 vertexes per object and unpleasant seams at the joints of different textural coordinates. Triangle Strip formed the basis of new .mesh format, which was created by me. It could be one of two types: mesh raw (header MESR), which contains only the vertexes of the objects; and mesh strip (MESS) with already prepared triangle strips, tangents and binormals components for ppl. There is a 3D Studio plugin for file creation (only raw .mesh) and 3d2mesh utility (it creates strip .mesh files from .3ds and raw .mesh) in the archive. Archive also contains MeshViewer, which understands .3ds and .mesh formats.
Mesh.tar.gz 255.6 Kb | 347915 downloads | 0 feedback messages
1030 x 804 It is possible to see some of the effects of superbuffers right now. But it consumes 32Mb of video memory per each 256x256 texture of heights. This demo contains: Displacement Bump Mapping (some pixels of texture could cover other pixels within one polygon), Offset Bump Mapping, which doesn't require 32Mb of memory unlike previous one (simple displacement of pixels depending on observer location) and already usual Bump Mapping. There is also self-shading on polygons.
DisplacementTexture.tar.gz 472.7 Kb | 347915 downloads | 5 feedback messages
1030 x 804 Rendering of lengthy sources of light via vertex and pixel ARB shaders. It's possible to imitate neon lamps emission using this effect. There is also a new technique of volumetric lines rendering without utilization of sprites.
ColdCathode.tar.gz 301.5 Kb | 347915 downloads | 1 feedback messages
1030 x 804 Smooth normals calculation for dynamic object is a sufficiently hard task for CPU. But now, because of this technology, it is possible to fully shift it on GPU. Thus CPU have to calculate only flat normals for the triangles. Further using a pair of shaders from the the flat we obtain the smooth normals. Presence of vertex and fragment ARB shaders is necessary to run this demo.
HSNormals.tar.gz 331.5 Kb | 347915 downloads | 0 feedback messages
646 x 516 Lights rendering using scene information from texture. We will create 128-bit texture, write coordinate of point in rgb, normal of point in alpha component. Further write diffuse and specular colors in ordinary 32 bit textures. Therefore we are able to illuminate all visible scene by pair of polygons and pixel shader. We automatically cut off all of non-illuminated and non-visible polygons. Pixel shader load rate in case of ppl lights remains approximately equal. FPS now only depends on number of lightened pixels of screen, and doesn't depend on amount of polygons per frame. All of this seems to be remarkable... But in practice there is a noticeable speed reduction in case of numerous lights. There is also an open question about shadows. This demo utilizes illumination method which was mentioned above. Here you can find 32k of triangles, 16 ppl point lights and tuneable depth of field. GeForceFX is required.
OffScreenRendering.tar.gz 980.2 Kb | 347915 downloads | 1 feedback messages
1024 x 768 Hardware implementation of 3Dstudio Symmetry modifier. There are 240 thousand of triangles in the scene. Polygon cutting off via pixel shader.
Symmetry.tar.gz 1 Mb | 347915 downloads | 0 feedback messages
1032 x 807 A little piece of chaos, which is more similar to the storm in a teacup. GeForceFX or higher :) is required. This demo will not work on ATI cards, because it intensively uses 128-bit textures and FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_NV extension.
Chaos.tar.gz 224.7 Kb | 347915 downloads | 0 feedback messages
1030 x 804 Bluring of objects via pixel shaders. It can be used in the different effects, e.g. Motion Blur, but burning blur is the most impressive. There is also simple physics for the objects (attraction/repulsion).
Blur.tar.gz 351.6 Kb | 347915 downloads | 0 feedback messages
1030 x 804 Absolutely new volumetric fog effect. It's the perpixel three-dimensional fog, which was made of an arbitrary convex triangles and there is also a possibility of placing a camera into the fog. Also the problem of saving of 16-bit values of Z-buffer into the texture for subsequent usage was solved. Demo was fully hardwarily realized via pixel shaders. There are 10 moving volumetric fogs, some of them are changing their geometry. Additionaly there is a perpixel lighting of all of the objects.
VolumeFog.tar.gz 933.5 Kb | 347915 downloads | 1 feedback messages

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