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1024 x 768
  • 31.12.04 Yesterday I've finished in the rough all of the render's functions, which were planned in Engine_v0.3. Right now only optimization should be done and render will be completed. New features were added: 2D and Cubemap mirrors (either static and dynamic), scene refraction throught transparent objects and particle systems. Because of incorrect scene scale the gravitation is equal to g=4-5, I've forgotten to increase it again :). Physics with g=40-50 (it's like a Jupiter, huh) works correctly. You can see new render in this movie (640x480, 14 Mb).
    Happy New Year for all! Let it be better and more creative than 2004 ! :)

    All of the good of Engine_v0.2 is here, other things are rewritten >:) Rewrite process tooks 5 months and there is some incomplete stuff still. Session in the University comes closer, I have less free time in the end of the year. Unfortunately I have no time for new demos. Release of 0.3 version postponed till next month or two. Right now the Engine is in the working condition (68kb of shaders, 970kb of cpp|h files, 56kb of scripts). You can download demos of beta-version here (640x480 39Mb) and here (320x240 15Mb, VERY low quality). 3 test scenes (graphics is at the "Cubes vs Spheres" level) contain: indoor/outdoor scenes; hardware stencil and depth shadows; point, cubemap modulated and directional lights; systems of particles; flares; HDR; physics and 2 fortuitous bugs :). Other features of the Engine, which are absent in demos: 3D sound, hardware skinning. There are no downloadable sources because it's a raw beta >:) All of test scenes and the Engine itself are controlled by scripts like that.
    35 feedback messages
  • 1024 x 842 Great thanks to NVIDIA for the GeForce 6800 GT , and especially thanks to Keith Galocy and Great Britain NVIDIA office. This splendid card surpasses my old 5800 for 2-4 times. I had the same feelings when I switched from MX to FX family :) FPS is exceeded in all of the demos and all of them are still without nv40 optimizations :) The card has excellent overclocking potential - it runs without problems on 400/1100 MHz (I didn't tryied further tests). I have 300W power source (PowerMan) and there is no any troubles with power (AthlonXP 2500+, 2 HDD). So, I could recommend it to everyone ;)

    Some "warm" words about UPS:
    27 September I received a phone call from Moscow concerning the load from Great Britain. I was informed that I had to pay rather large customs duty. So I was shocked a little and moved to the Tomsk custom-house, where I got to know that goods costing more than 300$ could be delayed during transfer (I guess UPS has collusion with customs). A week later UPS had sent bills to me (customs duties $125 + UPS service $65). Transferring money throught banks took another week. As a result a passage from Moscow to Tomsk lasted 18 days and costed $190.
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    160 x 120
  • 18.10.2004 hotfix to GLSHell v0.12b
  • 18.10.2004 GLSHell v0.12. A heap of new features: Interpretator has arrays of built-in types, variable scopes are processed correctly, added ARBvp1.0 programs support, added ATI_texture_float extension (works only on nVidia cards ;), added new classes: Gui , Particles, Spline.
  • 14.10.2004 glMultMatrixf function has been added. Thanks to Alexander Lashenko for the Windows 2000 interpreter fix.

    Engine_v0.3 (which is coming soon, but whether it be open or closed source is the question) has it's own C interpreter for a long time. Interpreter turned out to be amenable and convenient for external objects integration. What it can't to do: structures (and it isn't planned), arrays (very likely to appear). Vectors, matrixes and strings are the standart data types. External variables, functions and classes could be easily added into the interpreter. Based on this, I wrote GLSHell interpreter, which has built-in basic OpenGL functions, GLApp access and PBuffer, Mesh, Texture, Shader classes. As a result one could create simple demos without using a compiler, so it's very convenient. I'll write more detailed documentation concerned abilities and usage of interpreter, if I have time.
    GLSH.tar.gz 993.4 Kb | 347915 downloads | 17 feedback messages
  • 1024 x 795 Very psychedelic demo number 50 :) Please don't stare on it for too long...
    If you haven't known the meaning of Alt+Enter yet, it switches all of the last demos to fullscreen.
    Invisible.tar.gz 673.1 Kb | 347915 downloads | 14 feedback messages
    1024 x 795
  • 21.08.2004 It works on Ati cards !!! There was an annoying misprint... Thanks to Tuan Kuranes :)

    Terrain lods geomorphing via vertex shader. Joints of lods are absolutely invisible now. Height map is 1025x1025 in size. The terrain is renderred too fast , so here is simple but very realistic water to use free resources ;) There is a pseudo-AI to control camera. This terrain will be presented in Engine_v0.3.
    GeoMorphing.tar.gz 1.1 Mb | 347915 downloads | 43 feedback messages
  • 1024 x 795
  • 21.08.2004 It works on Ati cards !!! Thanks to Tuan Kuranes again ;))
  • 12.08.2004 Thanks to Sascha Willems for the changing of GLSL shaders for ATI cards, now it's compiling normally, but the demo still doesn't work. As for me, ATI debuging is similar to controling of the Mars rover :))
  • 11.08.2004 Win32 version of GLApp was updated, there will be no endless error windows, all error messages will be logged into stderr.txt

    Two optimizations for stencil shadows and lighting, which make possible to increase FPS 2-3 times without any new extensions :) Before I couldn't believe GeForceFX 5800 being able to render 9 ligths with shadows at the speed of 40-60 FPS... But now I can :) The first optimization is the extrusion of shadow volumes to the length equal to the radius of light source, it allows to increase FPS from 27 up to 40. With it there is no need for GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test extension anymore. The second one is a clipping of triangles, which is placed on distance greater than light source radius, via simple vertex shader. The shader moves these triangles to the infinity and sets their size to zero, so they are always invisible. I haven't seen this technique before, althought it increases FPS more than twice. There is also GLSL support and greatly updated base files. Theoretically there should be no problems with ATI cards...
    PS: All these optimizations will be included in Engine_v0.3 (this demo was just another successful experiment :))
    Lighting.tar.gz 1.3 Mb | 347915 downloads | 26 feedback messages
  • 1024 x 797 Simple demo Polar Coords. Screenshot couldn't reproduce how the demo looks in dynamics :)
    PolarCoords.tar.gz 517.6 Kb | 347915 downloads | 0 feedback messages
    1024 x 768 Release of Engine_v0.2 is ready. Unfortunatelly I was unable to test it on ATI, so there could be some problems :( There are many new features: correct physics with joints and ragdoll, easy interpreter for configs with for/if/else, ARBtec1.0 "shaders" (ARB_texture_env_combine+dot3 parser), work on all cards beginning from GeForce2, post screen processing, playback ogg, mp3 and wav files via OpenAL, mesh export plugin for Maya, and may be something I forgotten :) Great speedup, big bugfix.
    If you have some problems with running of the Engine_v0.2, you could see it's work here (17Mb). Some screenshots: 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08.
    Engine_v0.2.tar.gz 3.3 Mb | 347915 downloads | 14 feedback messages
    1028 x 801 New binary exporter of skinned mesh files for 3D Studio and viewer of the exported files. Capabilities of SkinedMesh are the following: loading of binary and ascii files, saving in binary format, CPU skinning (because of shadows), calculation of tangent space, creation of the shadow volume.
    SkinnedMeshViewer.tar.gz 777.2 Kb | 347915 downloads | 2 feedback messages
    1030 x 800 GPU-based calculation of water, it writes result into the float texture. Calculated coordinate values read via ReadPixels into the system memory, such kind of transfer will be needless in new generation of cards. Water consists of 130k of triangles. Accidentally it turns out that there is an incorrect raytracing :) Works only on GeForceFX+.
    GPULake.tar.gz 846.9 Kb | 347915 downloads | 0 feedback messages

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