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12.10.2004 GLSHell interpreter // 3D
GLSHell interpreter, which has built-in basic OpenGL functions, GLApp, PBuffer, Mesh, Texture, Shader classes. Using GLSHell one could create simple demos without using a compiler.
03.09.2004 Invisible demo // 3D
Demo number 50 :)
20.08.2004 gdict-0.0.5 // misc.
gdict-0.0.5 is released.
18.08.2004 GeoMorphing demo // 3D
Terrain lods geomorphing via vertex shader.
11.08.2004 Lighting demo // 3D
Win32 version of GLApp was updated, there will be no unlimited error windows, all error messages will be logged into stderr.txt.
08.08.2004 Lighting demo // 3D
Two optimizations for stencil shadows and lighting, which make possible to increase FPS 2-3 times without any new extensions.
18.07.2004 Vacations // common
Yesterday I've returned from the weekly vacations in Hakasiya. Some road photos and views of Shira and Bele salt lakes could be seen here.
29.06.2004 // 3D
I decided to publish my old [url]/misc/view.php?p=projects/dusted_sources[desc]sources[/desc][/url], may be it would be useful for somebody. I still have no money for the ATI card not to mention second computer. State of the Engine: Collider.cpp and Collider.h are fully rewritten; Box primitive is added; absolutely correct box-mesh collisions; some other changes.
16.06.2004 Required libraries // 3D
Required for building Engine_v0.2 libraries were added.
14.06.2004 CubeMap demo update // 3D
Thanks to Andreas Stenglein and Brian Paul for the fix of three errors in the CubeMap demo.

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